Vedic Mathematics

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. The Vedas show how to approach math problems in flexible ways, and we in turn teach these techniques to our students to for improved mathematical skills.

Mental calculation consists of arithmetic calculations using only the human brain, with no help from calculators, computers, or a pen and paper. It is highly beneficial for high school and college students as well as for students taking standardized exams.

High Speed Vedic Mathematics is far more systematic, simplified, and unified than conventional mathematics. It is a mental tool for calculation that encourages the development and use of intuition and innovation, while giving students flexibility, fun, and satisfaction. The mental technique of Vedic mathematics optimizes performance and givesstudents an edge that will help them shine in the classroom and beyond.

Moreover, Vedic mathematics is direct and easy to implement in schools, which is part of the reason behind its enormous popularity among both teachers and students. It complements the conventional mathematics curriculum taught in schools by acting as a powerful checking tool that saves time during exams.

Program Features:
  • Undivided attention
  • Qualified and dedicated teachers
  • Worksheets provided after every session
  • Interrelation with everyday mathematics
Our Approaches

It should also be noted that in the Vedic system a mental approach is preferred, so we always encourage students to work mentally as long as it is comfortable. In the Cosmic Calculator Course, pupils are given a short mental test at the start of most or all lessons. This test starts the lesson off right, reviews previous material, and introduces some of the ideas needed in the current lesson. Using the Vedic system, our curriculum offers tricks and tips that allow the student to make fast mathematical calculations.

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