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Does Science scare you ?

Don’t believe in rumours that call science a dangerous subject. Whether it be physics, chemistry, biology or even the quantum theory, if your basic concepts are clear then you are set for accomplishing any career goal in science. Who knows, you become the next Stephen Hawkins or Einstein? Science is all about knowing the facts and learning the basics and implementing them at advanced levels. We, at ensure that you get the best guidance and stay prepared for challenges in science.

How do we do that ?

Whether you are looking for a physics tutor or a biology tutor, the solution is where you can have the guidance of experts in the field who help you learn various subjects of science deeply in an interactive manner.


Online physics tutors available at help you learn the laws, theorems and concepts of physics with explanation of each step. This helps you understand the formulae which you may use in the expanded forms and solve any problem. With availability of well-educated and experienced tutors 24/7 no matter when you find yourself amidst of doubts or wherever you are, you can seek their guidance just like getting your doubts getting cleared by a friend.


Our online chemistry tutor will ensure that you understand the concepts well, irrespective of whether you are studying organic or inorganic chemistry. You will be able to remember the periodic table or the concept of balancing chemical equations in an interactive and interesting way that you won’t forget throughout your life.


Learning biology is often considered difficult because of the Latin names of classes of organisms but if you are studying with our online biology tutor, learning the names won’t be as difficult as it may seem because our tutor will understand that you understand the way nomenclature is done. Irrespective of whether you are a school student or someone involved in higher studies, you will learn the topics in the most conducive atmosphere.

Computer Science

Whether you face problems in theory or in practical implementation of concepts in programming. Our online computer science tutor focuses on developing your skills in understanding how to think analytically and develop programs in C, C++, virtual C++ or whatever subject you intend to study under his guidance.

What do we offer ?

We train you to understand the concepts analytically and enhance your skills. Here is a list of a few things that you accomplish while working with a science tutor :

  • Completing your homework
  • Solving problems or completing assignments
  • Specialized study for your Science test
  • Preparing for college entrance exams of your choice
  • Checking answers of solved problems

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